Van Leeuwen stopped due to collision


Last weekend, Martijn van Leeuwen travelled to the German Kart Championship’s kick-off in Bavarian Ampfing with high expectations. After his junior title in 2013, the young Dutchman now wants to fight in the front field at the seniors as well. The final races didn’t go perfectly though.

After his races in Italy, van Leeuwen travelled back to Germany. The German Kart Championship started into its new season on the 1.060m long track in Ampfing counting 136 drivers from more than 20 nations. Martijn belonged to the favorites in the KF class from the beginning and lived up to this role with a second place during qualifying. “Training went really well. Now I have a perfect starting position for the heats”, said Martijn contently.

Sudden rain caused changed conditions during the heats though. During the first heat, Martijn had to let the whole field pass him by after his kart turned. Due to a fierce fight, he fought his way forward on the slippery track to 14th place. The second race went perfectly then. He came in on second place. On the overall list of rankings, he ended up on 12th place: “Apart from my mistake during the first heat, this has been a very successful day for us”, Martijn summed up.

Starting from midfield, Martijn showed a strong performance during the first final race on Sunday morning. He passed by his international competition due to great maneuvers and achieved third place. “After all the bad luck during the past weeks, this place on the podium really rebuilds my confidence”, the youngster rejoiced. Unfortunately the bad luck caught up with him more quickly than he thought, during the second race. He was pushed off the track by an opponent during the second lap and fell back to 25th place. “I don’t understand how someone can’t think things through. These missing points might cost me the title at the end of the season”, ranted Martijn. He would have had the power to win. During his catching-up race, Martijn drove the fastest lap of the race and managed to achieve 13th place in the end.

“A victory would have been possible this weekend. I drove the fastest laps during both races and was very comfortable. Unfortunately, things weren’t meant to be in the end”, Martijn focused on the highlights. The Dutch hopeful is now going to travel straight from Ampfing to the European Kart Championship’s kick-off in La Conca. The first of four events is going to start there on Thursday.

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