Great start into the European Championship in La Conca


Dutchman Martijn van Leeuwen ended the kick-off weekend of the CIK-FIA European Kart Championship in La Conca on sixth place. In a challenging field of participants, the young driver was able to hold his ground and belongs to the title favorites.

After his good performances at the WSK events, things now got serious for Martijn van Leeuwen. With 64 other drivers, he fought for the first points of the European Kart Championship in La Conca last weekend. “The races surely aren’t going to be easy, but I’m confident and looking forward to the start”, the Dutch hopeful said, excited for the upcoming races.

Qualifying started mixed though: Martijn stayed far behind on 20th place and a difficult task therefore awaited him at the heats. He showed three great races with a huge fighting spirit then and came in on third place twice and on seventh place once. A falling out during the last race distorted the result though. “I wanted to overtake on the inner track, but my opponent just blocked the way and I had no chance of drawing aside”, Martijn explained.

In the end, he entered the pre-finale on 17th place and showed an outstanding race. He fought his way forward during the first five laps and just barely missed placing among the top three in the end, coming in on fourth place. The Keijzer Racing team’s driver was very content at the finish line: “The speed is right, now I’ll be in the second starting row and will be able to gain important points during the finale.” The final race over 25 laps wasn’t easy though. Martijn lost a little ground on the outer track, caught up with the others again quickly and was in some thrilling fights. In slipstream duels on the long start-finish-line he was able to defend sixth place and is now on eighth place on the overall list of rankings.

“The finale wasn’t easy. I wasn’t able to tie in with my performance from the pre-finale. Sixth place is a good start after all the bad luck of the last weeks though. We’re now looking forward to the next race in Zuera. The cards will be dealt anew there and I want to drive in the front again. A big thanks to Keizer Racing, Zanardi and KVS-Engines for their great support”, Martijn summed up.

The participants of the European Kart Championship are going to start at the race in Spain in three weeks.

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