Difficult European Championship-weekend for Martijn van Leeuwen


Last weekend, Martijn van Leeuwen started at the second event of the CIK-FIA European Kart Championship in Zuera (Spain). The young Dutchman didn’t catch a perfect weekend though and had to fight hard battles during the races.

After the kick-off event in La Conca, Martijn travelled to the next European Championship race in Spain with his team Keijzer Racing. The second ranked race took place on the 1.700m long track. The world’s best kart drivers of the KF class were at the start again. All in all, there were 55 drivers.

Everything went according to plan for Martijn during free trainings: “My times are right; I’m now looking forward to qualifying.” Unfortunately, this didn’t bring much joy. Coming in 19th in his group and ending up on the overall 41st place, the young Dutch talent stayed far behind his own expectations. “What a training; I still don’t really know what the problem was though. I’m now going to have to fully attack at the heats”, said Martijn confidently.

From midfields respectively, the reigning German Junior Champion showed brilliant catching up races. Despite an engine defect, he still came in second, fifth and tenth. Thereby, Martijn was on the great 16th overall place on Saturday evening. “Wow, I was not expecting this. Fighting my way forward through such a strong field was not an easy thing to do. In the end everything turned out right though and the team did an amazing job”, said the 16-year-old youngster happily.

He continued his great performance during the first final race on Sunday then. Martijn gained ten positions and therefore achieved a place in the third starting row for the big final race. In the course of the two racing days, he had gained 35 positions. The race didn’t go according to his plan then. After a good start, the necessary performance to attack was missing throughout the course of the race. At the finish line, the Zanardi driver was only on the disappointing 16th place. “Obviously this isn’t the result I had hoped for. Now I have to look forward though – I will be starting at the next race in two weeks. I’d really like to thank Willemjan Keijzer, Renato de Visser and KVS Engines for their great support”, said Martijn in the evening.

The European Championship’s third event is going to take place in Belgian Genk from June 12th-15th. Martijn knows the track in Belgium like the back of his hand and is hoping for his big breakthrough. Regarding the Championship ranking, he is currently on tenth place after halftime.

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