Martijn van Leeuwen experiences unlucky European finale


The young Dutch driver Martijn van Leeuwen travelled to the finale of the CIK-FIA European Kart Championship in Brandon (England) with high hopes. After a strong performance during the heats, he was stopped involuntarily during the finals and had to travel home disappointedly. He finished the European Championship on the overall ninth place.

After his success at the last race of the German Kart Championship, Martijn van Leeuwen travelled to the finale of the European Championship in England with high hopes. 51 drivers competed against each other on the 1.382m long track. Things already looked really good for Martijn after qualifying. On the wet track, he ended up on tenth place and thereby still had all chances for a successful finale. “All free trainings happened on the dry track, which is why I can be very content with this result in the rain”, van Leeuwen rejoiced on Friday evening.

Things went equally well for the Keijzer Racing team driver during the four heats. He achieved two third, a fourth and a fifth place. On the overall list of rankings he thereby achieved the sixth starting position for the pre-finale on Sunday. “The heats went really well for me. I didn’t risk too much and am very comfortable now”, said Martijn on Saturday evening.

But at the start of the pre-finale, drama ran its course. Martijn stood still at his starting position due to a broken carburetor. The whole field had passed him by when the Dutchman’s kart finally started and he had to take on the race from the very back of the field. Martijn tried his best and was able to drive up to 26th place. But his dream of gaining a place on the podium had moved beyond his reach. Martijn still gave it his all during the final race and fought his way forward skillfully. An accident threw him back again though and he only came in 26th in the end.

“This has been a dark Sunday for us – luck was not on our side. Saturday was promising, but things didn’t go well at all on Sunday. We’re now going to have to analyze the situation so that we’ll be better prepared in the future”, Martijn summed up.

The Zanardi driver is going to start at his next race in two weeks at the DKM in Kerpen. He is currently leading the Championship and wants to strengthen his position before the big finale in Genk.

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