Damage makes Championship exciting again


Last weekend, Martijn van Leeuwen started at the German Kart Championship in Kerpen as the overall leading driver. The young Dutchman led the top class of kart racing and belonged to the favorites on the Erftlandring as well. He was only stopped due to a defect during the finale.

Having achieved three victories in four races, Martijn van Leeuwen looked back on a perfect crop of points before the race in Kerpen and everything looked like another success on the 1.107m long Erftlandring as well. The Keijzer Racing Team driver already belonged to the fastest drivers during qualifying. He missed achieving pole position by a hairbreadth though. “One driver turned in front of me during my fastest lap and I had to slightly swerve into the mud. That cost a lot of time”, Martijn explained at the finish line.

Ending up on second place, he still started into both heats from the first starting row though and knew how to skillfully use his good starting position. Martijn took the lead directly after the start both times and wouldn’t let go of it until the end. Due to a spotlessly clean performance he was leading the international field of participants on Saturday evening. “Except for qualifying, the day couldn’t have gone any better. We were really fast and are at the top right now. A lot can happen until tomorrow evening though”, the 16-year-old driver summed up.

During the first final race on Sunday he was able to keep his top position though and drove away from his opponents. Things only got exciting towards the middle of the race again. His pursuer caught up with him and both of them showed brilliant kart racing. During a fair fight, the lead was switched multiple times. Martijn entered the last lap on second position and didn’t find another opportunity to attack. “I’ve never experienced such an incredible race. We’ve switched places six or seven times. In the end I can still be very content with my second place”, Martijn rejoiced at the finish line.

He then had to deal with a severe setback during the second final race. Martijn had to end the race during the second lap due to a damaged chain and then had to watch his toughest Championship opponent gain the full amount of points. “The chain seems to follow me around. Things got really close in Genk last year due to the chain as well. I’ve now lost my lead, but I know Genk really well and want to win there”, the reigning German Junior Champion said contently.

Martijn is already going to be in his kart again next weekend, when he is going to start as the Dutch hope at the World Kart Championship in French Essay.

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