Historical Championship title for Martijn van Leeuwen

Historical Championship title for Martijn van Leeuwen

Only a few have done this before. After winning the junior title in 2013, Martijn van Leeuwen now rises to the kart racing Olympus by winning the German Kart Championship. In a breathtaking finale, the young Dutchman showed strong nerves.

Martijn van Leeuwen’s list of successes is long and now another big triumph can be added. Last weekend in Belgian Genk, the drivers of the German Kart Championship started at the big finale. After an unfortunate setback in Kerpen, van Leeuwen was put into the role of pursuer and didn’t achieve a perfect start into the racing events this time as well. During qualifying he had to surrender to his direct title opponent and lost two important Championship points.

The heats went considerably better for the Zanardi driver then. He achieved a victory and a second place, which put him on the second starting position for the first final race. “We didn’t have a perfect setup for qualifying, but everything went much better during the heats already. Second place is a great starting position”, Martijn summed up in the evening.

After great weather on Saturday, the final Sunday showed itself from a not so bright side. Heavy rain and cool temperatures caused difficult conditions. From the first starting row, Martijn got the best out of it though. After 19 challenging laps he came in on the great second place and took a big step toward his dream of the title: “I’m very happy that we’re competitive on the wet track as well. Alessio is only a guest driver, which is why I didn’t fully attack.”

The all-dominant final race started excitingly. Only after two race cancellations and a slow start were the 34 drivers allowed to drive off. This time Martijn was able to keep close to the leading driver and attacked fiercely a couple of times. But with the Championship in close range, he didn’t risk too much and also let his pursuer pass him by shortly before the end of the race. By coming in third he had won the title. “The race was full of mixed feelings. After the first start I drove into the off and thought the title was lost. But then we started anew and I was lucky. Thanks to my family, Keijzer Racing, KVS Engines and all sponsors and supporters for their excellent support”, Martijn rejoiced in his winner interview in the evening.

In two weeks Martijn starts at the X30 World International Finals in Le Mans and late October he compete the WSK Final Cup on the Adria Raceway.

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