Third place at the WSK Final Cup


Towards the end of the season, Martijn van Leeuwen had another reason to rejoice. On the Adria Raceway in North Italy he started at the WSK Final Cup and presented himself in a great mood. At the KF class, the Dutchman drove in the forefront and finished the racing weekend on the great third place.

After winning the German Kart Championship, Martijn van Leeuwen now travelled to Italy once more. The brand-new Adria Raceway, which is located about 70km from Venice, was the location. The WSK Final Cup was once again strongly manned at the end of the year.

Martijn already had his first chance to get used to the new track on Wednesday and was very excited: “The track is really modern and it’s a lot of fun to drive here. I’m already looking forward to the race now.” His starting position after qualifying was already really promising. On tenth place, he was in the front of the field, and was able to improve his position to sixth place during the heats. “Things went really well for us today, except for the first heat. I’m now going to start into the pre-finale from the third starting row”, explained the Zanardi driver in the evening.

The racing Sunday couldn’t have gone better for Martijn van Leeuwen. He achieved a perfect start during the pre-finale and he fought his way forward to second place in front of packed spectator stands. He then fought for victory during the big finale: Right from the start Martijn kept close to the leading driver and put a lot of pressure on him. Towards the middle of the race, the duo lost some of its speed though and had to let their shared pursuer pass them by in the end. Coming in third Martijn still gained a place on the podium though and celebrated a big success.

“Awesome, just perfect! I’d really like to thank my team Keijzer Racing, Zanardi, IAME and Tillotson for their outstanding support. We had a great total package and were fighting for the overall victory until the end”, Martijn rejoiced in the evening.

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