Martijn van Leeuwen 2nd at DKM Championship

Of course I cant say that I’m happy with the result, we came for the victory…In race 1 I had no choice then choosing for four new tires because if I didn’t win this race, it was over for me in the championship standings.fb fotoRichard used two new tires in race 1, it became a very spectacular race with what we hoped for, a win for me.In race 2 Richard had the advantage of two new tires while I had no choice and only could use my tires from the first race.With both the same points we had to fight for the championship.After the start I was in leading position until Richard wanted to overtake me, because of a little contact  I became in the gravel.I thought now my chances are over but at that moment it was red flag.After the restart  Maini was very fast with his four new tires and he was able to overtake the leader but he didn’t make the move.At the last corner we were all 3 bumper on bumper so if the race was one lap more, I think it could be very interesting.Now I have to deal with my 2nd  place in the championship.The most difficult to understand is when you sum up all the points I would be Champion,but you must subtract results.Anyway I want to say a BIG BIG congratulations to Willemjan Keijzer who won the Best Team tittle over the year at DKM.

martijn en wj kleiner

Thank you Renato De Visser, Willemjan,CRG,GFR/TM engines for all the hard work.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who came to Kerpen to support me and also the people who followed me on live streaming.

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